To independently road trip a country guarantees you a perspective that just isn’t possible by travelling on public transport. For years now, my bucket list has contained the item ‘drive a campervan around Australia’. The dream has always been to do it as cheaply as possible, in a cosy and comfortable self-converted camper. It’s lucky then, that my partner is an engineer because actually, I am the least handy and practically-skilled person… Read More

Backpacker itineraries for Australia are usually filled with the most iconic destinations and landmarks; New South Wales’ Sydney Opera House, Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. In fact, all of the experiences I was recommended as a first-time backpacker to the country are found on the East Coast. Poor old Western Australia, seen as too remote or not quite spectacular enough to warrant the additional cost of a domestic flight,… Read More

If somebody offered you the chance to bathe in the crater of a volcano, would you take it? Considering volcano craters are usually bubbling with searing hot lava, I imagine not, but Iโ€™ve been standing in line to do exactly that for the past twenty minutes.

When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on 25th April 2015, it made global headlines. The epicentre of the quake struck at Gorkha, but its effects impacted for miles, causing an avalanche on Mount Everest, destroying thousands of homes, and tearing down religious buildings in Kathmandu that were centuries old. More than 9000 people were killed, and hundreds of thousands made homeless. Following the earthquake, aftershocks took place regularly, including a major… Read More

Weโ€™ve all read the stories about wanderlust-ers that have been so keen to get their travel fix that theyโ€™ve sold everything they own, giving up material possessions that took years to earn. Some might say these people are crazy/brave/stupid. I donโ€™t. I completely get it, and Iโ€™m one of them.

The dream of travel in Australia is intrinsically linked with guaranteed warm temperatures, allowing for endless days spent lounging on beaches, surfing waves, joining sailing trips, and night after night of the infamous Aussie barbecue. It’s no surprise then, that most choose to visit the country in the summer months. The thing is, much of Australia does get pretty cold, yet the country still has plenty to offer year-round.

I recentlyย worked outย that I’ve taken sixty-eight plane journeys in my lifetime. Sixty-eight! That is a serious amount of hours spent trapped in a capsule in the sky. Youโ€™d think this level of experience on planes would mean Iโ€™m completely at ease in the air, when actually, I remain terrified of flying.

You know how some travellers are keen adrenaline-hunters, or mountain hikers, or festivalgoers? Well, I am a water-seeker. My top choice of backpacking activity is almost always to find the bestย lake, river, ocean, dam, pond, or waterfall nearby. Perhaps itโ€™s because Iโ€™m a South Coast English girl at heart, born and raised by the seaside, but thereโ€™s something about water that calms me. So, here areย nineteen of the best water spots thatย Iโ€™ve… Read More

Christmas day isย the only time of year I’d prefer to be waking up in my hometown of Portsmouth, than in one of the amazing countries I’ve visited over the years. For me, Christmas is about family, and despite the fact that I’ve chosen to spend the past 15ย months away from them, and now live completely on the other side of the world, my family is massively important to me. So, it’s Christmas… Read More

It feels likeย too often I speak to people worriedย about travelling because of the supposed “rise of terrorism”, or some other form of personal attack. You can’t blame them. Switch on the news every morning and the first stories you’ll hear are filled with a narrative of more bombings, moreย murders, and moreย sexual assaults. After all (and without getting too political), fear sells. This kind of media reporting makes the world out to be… Read More

Western Australia is massively underrated. Often, backpackers coming from overseas sacrifice a visit to WA in place of the trendy East Coast hotspots of Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast. Of course, it’s easy to understand why that happens. Reaching the state from the east requires an additional (and often expensive) flight, or a well-planned overland trip in a rented or boughtย vehicle of some sort.

There really is no way to prepare for the culture shock of arriving in India. I can’t tell you how many backpackers I met early in my travels, that shared with me their experiences, recommendations, horror stories, and general wisdom for backpacking such a unique country.

The lively city of Buenos Aires has so much to offer a first-time visitor, choosing which sights, activities and events to see first is no easy task. Sensual tango shows, the world’s tastiest steak, touring the Boca Juniors Football Stadium, and visitingย infamousย Evita’s tomb, are just a few of your options.

It’s a country filled with the remains of Mayan cities, and Mexico’s most famous is without a doubt Chichen Itza; one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Now, let me begin by saying that Chichen Itza is absolutely impressive. Having visited twice, the iconic towering Temple of Kukulkan never fails to capture my awe for it’s clever mathematical design and the legendary appearance of a serpent at equinox twice a… Read More

I tend to think of Ecuador as the middle child of Colombia and Peru. With Colombia well-knownย for its narcotics history, and as home to one of the world’s most infamous drug lords, and Peru offering backpackers access to the official world wonder Machu Picchu, it’s easy to see why both receive such hype. Poor old Ecuador though, stuck in the middle of these neighbouring countries, can sometimes suffer from middle-child syndrome; being… Read More

For many who have not travelled on a long-term basis, backpacking around the world appears to be one long holiday. Just take a look at a traveller’s Instagram account and you’ll be greeted with idyllic images of sunsets, beaches, palm trees, world wonders, and mandatory ‘look where I am’ selfies. Granted, in many ways, long-term travel isย one continuous holiday. However, what’s less clear to see on an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feed,… Read More

If you read the bios of other travel bloggers out there, you’ll find most have one thing in common; they are people that gave up everything for a nomadic life on the road. I am fairly new to this club, and in fact I plan to arrive in Australia towards the middle of 2016 to work and live, so maybe I’m not 100% committed just yet. If 2015 has taught me anything… Read More

When I was a girl my Dad used to tell me to do two things in life; go to university and travel the world. Naturally, the fact my Dad told me to want these things for myself meant I wanted to do neither. It wasn’t until I was sixteen and about to go to college that I warmed to the idea of university and aged nineteen I moved away to study. It… Read More