2 Travel Items For The Safety-Conscious Female

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Equipping yourself with female travel safety items when travelling does not mean you are expecting the worst to happen. It is simply ensuring that should a worst-case scenario arise, which is extremely rare, you are ready to deal with it. A lot of the time, the pure thought of knowing you are prepared for potentially dangerous situations allows you to feel more at ease, therefore able to relax and truly enjoy the tremendous journey you are on.

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So, without further ado, here are two travel safety items that can help women to move around the world safely and be ready for the exceptionally rare but concerning prospect of finding yourself in a bad situation.

1. The bra stash

Similar to a bumbag, the bra stash is a device created for women to store valuables away from potential pickpockets and muggers. It’s a small rectangle-shaped pouch with a velcro clasp that easily attaches to a bra and can be used to hold emergency money, credit cards and keys.

2. A rape alarm

It’s not uncommon for women to carry these in their everyday lives, so to have one when you’re exploring new towns, cities and countries may seem a somewhat obvious piece of advice, but it’s one worth giving. A good rape alarm can put you at ease when venturing out alone, travelling in areas less touristic and when settling into your dorm bed for the night. Staying in hostel dorm rooms is completely safe and the best way to meet new travelling friends, but relaxing in a mixed-sex room occupied by four, six, eight or more people is not always easy. Keep your alarm near your pillow and you’ll be more likely to get a good night’s rest.

Ladies, let me finish by reiterating that the chances of you being subject to any kind of crime is extremely small and therefore the reason for this post is more for your own piece of mind while travelling the world as a female, as opposed to suggesting the items above would need to be put to use. So grab that backpack and get going. Along the way, keep track of more female-centred world travel advice by signing up for this blog!

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