3 Unavoidable Costs To Consider When Planning Your Travel Route

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Usually, plotting the route you’ll take when planning to travel the world is based on dreams and desires to visit certain countries, experience intriguing cultures and see renowned world wonders. What’s often not considered though, are the travel costs of visiting these individual places, beyond the usual flight prices, the average cost of transport, accommodation and living expenses. 

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Travel costs to consider on a backpacking trip

1. Visas

You can’t get in the country without it, so it’s an expense that must be included in your planning, but this is one that’s often forgotten when choosing which countries to visit. For example, as part of my current travel itinerary, I’ll be visiting India in December for one week. Recently, India changed their visa laws so that now British citizens must apply for a tourist visa. The cost of this application? £90. For one week in the country. Would I have changed my plans if I’d known this prior to booking? No, but I’d have definitely made the duration worth paying £90 for.

2. Exit fees

It may surprise you to learn this, but in many countries, once you have paid to enter it, you also have to pay to leave. The costs of exit fees can vary and are not usually a huge expense, but if you’re visiting multiple countries with this policy in place it can add up. Do your research into which countries you’ll need to pay to leave and add this to the list of deciding factors when planning your route.

3. Vaccinations

This is by far one of the most costly expenses of travelling the world. Unfortunately, part of the package when entering foreign and exotic countries is putting yourself at risk of new diseases. To be immunised against these diseases can be very expensive! Before you decide which countries to visit, take a look at the website fitfortravel.com to see which vaccinations or medication you’ll need in order to visit. A word of warning, to be immunised against yellow fever, rabies, or Japanese Encephalitis, you’re looking at in excess of £100 per vaccination at the very least.

When choosing which route you want to travel around the world, take the above three unavoidable travel costs into account – especially if you’re doing it on a tight budget. That way, you won’t run into any unexpected expenses and can plan your duration in a country, plus the spending limits for each, more accurately.

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How do you budget properly for a long-term trip? Let me know in the comments below! Plus, consider signing up for travel advice regularly.

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