Red Hill Quarry, Perth: How To Reach The Best Hidden Part

Note: Since launching this post I have learned that Red Hill Quarry is private property, and authorities are cracking down on trespassers. Please be aware that if you are caught on the site, you can be prosecuted. Also be aware that another pool exists here that is often used as a swimming spot, but to swim in the quarry is not safe and should be avoided. 

Of all of the hidden beauty spots Perth has to offer, the abandoned section of Red Hill Quarry is one of the most rewarding to explore. I should probably begin by saying that Red Hill Quarry is big, and there are multiple parts containing various hills and natural streams, some larger than others.

Red Hill Quarry Perth

This post will explain how to get to just one of the brilliant areas; a small red stone clearing entirely surrounded by trees, complete with a shallow pool of aqua blue mineral water. It’s a quiet oasis just a twenty-minute drive from Perth city.

The top of a Red Hill Quarry pool

Red Hill Quarry, the hidden pool

First things first, to make it to Red Hill Quarry you’ll need a vehicle to get you as far as Toodyay Road. If you’re a backpacker, rent a car for the day – it’ll be worth it. Drive Toodyay Road until you reach Red Hill Waste Management Facility on the right hand side of the road, it’s about 1km further on from the active Hanson Quarry. On the left, you’ll see a small dead-end turning, partially covered with black tyres, but with enough room to park a few cars and a big gap at the right hand side. Park your vehicle here, the rest of the journey will be on foot.

Entering, you’ll find an easy to follow, brown gravel pathway, which you should follow until you come to a large open space. Here there are scattered trees, and some pretty awesome views over a valley of bush, especially if you clamber on top of one of the giant rocks.

Looking out over trees in Red Hill Quarry

Not too bad a view!

At this point you have two choices; you can turn right and make your way to a fairly large freshwater pool, or you can continue following the path you’re on to the left. If you want to find the spot I’m describing, continue left.

The path to the old quarry

The route to the small aqua pool

Stick to the red stone path for around ten minutes, ignoring the additional turnings through the trees to the left and right, and you’ll come to a clearing with panoramic views out across the treetops. Behind you to the left is another wide walkway, follow this past holes in the ground that almost resemble a Grand Canyon model, and voila! Do not make a u-turn, you have arrived at your destination.

Red Hill Quarry overview

Red Hill Quarry’s best hidden part

Just to ensure you can find this hidden slice of paradise; Perth’s old Red Hill Quarry, here’s a map of the walking trail you need to take, and the coordinates of the car park spot: -31.830309, 116.099648. If all else fails, plug those into your phone and hopefully you’re successful in your quest for a piece of Perth that’s idyllic. Enjoy!

The route to the hidden pool of Red Hill Quarry

Follow the white dotted line

Aims 💋

Did you find the gorgeous hidden pools of Red Hill Quarry? 

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