Pink Lake, Kalbarri: How To Find The Pinkest Part

hutt lagoon west australia

If you’ve seen pictures of Hutt Lagoon, the pink lake near Kalbarri and Port Gregory, you’ve probably wondered, is it really that pink? Well, the answer is yes, but only if you know which part to visit, and the best times to do so.

When driving between Perth and Kalbarri, the route along George Grey Drive will actually take you directly alongside Hutt Lagoon, protected by a long line of trees rooted in orange dirt. If you’re driving past in the middle of the day though, the few glimpses you can grab between leaves, combined with strong sunlight, makes the water appear to be a regular shade of blue.

So, how do you see Hutt Lagoon at it’s most Instagram perfect pink?

The Pink Lake Kalbarri, How To Find The Pinkest Part

Firstly, drive to the left-hand side of the lake, along Port Gregory Road, where your view will be completely unobstructed. There are plenty of points along the road to pull over and hop out, so you can judge the most vibrant spot as you go.

Secondly, avoid visiting when there’s harsh sunlight and little cloud. The best times to see Kalbarri’s pink lake are early in the morning, and late in the afternoon when the light isn’t reflecting quite so brightly.

To get the pictures below, I took an afternoon excursion to Hutt Lagoon around 3.00pm, in the middle of November. The map marks the spot I found the perfect pink hue.

Kalbarri pink lake view

Pink Lake near Kalbarri
hutt lagoon west australia

Map to pinkest spot Hutt Lagoon

Can you swim in the pink lake, Kalbarri?

In short, no. Hutt Lagoon is pink is because it contains algae often used for food colouring and in cosmetics. In fact, the lagoon is actually a huge production plant of this algae, so whilst there are no signs advising that these algae are particularly dangerous, personally, I wouldn’t recommend coming into direct contact with it.

Just appreciating the natural colours of the pink lake from the roadside is more than enough reason to stop by. If you do fancy a dip, continue on the short drive towards Port Gregory and make do with the ocean instead!

Aims 💋

Let me know whether you found Hutt Lagoon at it’s pinkest point in the comments below, and sign up to the blog before you leave for notifications when more tips go live!

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