Escape To Raeburn Orchards: Winter In Perth Series

Raeburn Orchards Girl Trees

The dream of travel in Australia is intrinsically linked with guaranteed warm temperatures, allowing for endless days spent lounging on beaches, surfing waves, joining sailing trips, and night after night of the infamous Aussie barbecue. It’s no surprise then, that most choose to visit the country in the summer months. The thing is, much of Australia does get pretty cold, yet the country still has plenty to offer year-round.

Particularly in Perth, the activities possible in winter are just as breathtaking as those in summer. Trust me, I have lived here for the past fifteen months, and I’m still discovering new things to do when the cold and crisp air rolls in. Raeburn Orchards, in glorious Perth Hills, has recently become one of my favourites for this time of year, and here’s why.

Escape To Raeburn Orchards: Winter In Perth Series

Firstly, if you tour Raeburn Orchards towards the end of autumn and the start of winter (May-June), you’ll find the persimmon trees in full bloom. If you’re from Europe like me, you might be wondering what on earth a persimmon is. Well, it’s an orange fruit that looks like the child of a tomato and a pumpkin, if tomatoes and pumpkins had children.

Like their fruit, persimmon trees are boldly orange. They’re covered in leaves which fall to the ground as the season nears its end, so walking through the symmetrical rows at Raeburn Orchards is like treading through the setting of a perfectly set up photography shoot. With sunshine filtering through the glorious terracotta leaves, it’s an immediate escape from any hustle and bustle of the city, or busy beach. The whole experience completely contrasts stereotypical Australia.

Persimmon trees at an orchard

The best part is, the price for entering Raeburn Orchards is just $3.50! It’s a seriously cheap afternoon out for locals and backpackers alike, and though you can’t pick the fruit due to health and safety reasons, for about the same price you can grab a few persimmons or other fruits from the grocery store on site. Raeburn Orchards also grow pomegranites, pears, peaches, plums, apples… the list goes on.

Of course, if you’re addicted to Instagram (guilty!), Raeburn Orchards is the absolute perfect setting to get your next Insta shot #justsaying.

Girl in Raeburn Orchards

Don’t let the dress fool you, it is winter. The things we’ll do for Instagram!

I guess the only downside for backpackers without your own transport is that you will need a car to reach Raeburn Orchards, but don’t let that stop you. Parking is free, so why not rent a car for the day and explore other Perth Hills sights, like Mundaring Weir, Lesmurdie Falls, Zig Zag Scenic Drive, and Kalamunda Village Markets. I’ll be sharing more on those winter activities as part of this series, so if you’ve liked what you read here, consider signing up to receive updates.

Have you visited Perth in the winter and found brilliant things to do? Let me know in the comments below so I can check them out if I haven’t already! 

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