Ultimate Walks & Waterfalls: Winter In Perth Series

The quarry at Ellis Brook Valley

The beauty of spending an Australian winter in Perth is the amount of sunshine and clear skies you’ll get. It may not be the scorching temperatures of the summer months, but if you’ve ever been exposed to that heat you’ll know that achieving any kind of outdoor activity (besides beach lounging and swimming) is near on impossible! From June to August though, the days are filled with the perfect warmth for outdoor adventuring, and pretty Perth has the ultimate walking trails to offer.

In particular, there are three places I love to hike in the winter in Perth. For the record, I am not a huge hiking fanatic, but I do enjoy a moderate stroll in beautiful surroundings. So this is my list of easily doable walks for the average explorer.

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Lesmurdie Falls

The first place is Lesmurdie Falls, which isn’t just a spot for long walks, but also home to a towering waterfall. Though it’s no further than a thirty-minute drive from the CBD, a morning trip to Lesmurdie Falls feels like a real getaway as you clamber over huge rocks at the foot of the water.

Waterfall against the rocks during winter in Perth

The best part of visiting this spot in Perth’s hills is how close you can get to the waterfall itself. Climbing carefully, of course, you can make it right up to the side of the mouth, feeling the spray of the cool water on your face. Following this, you can hike uphill, and view Perth city from above. Actually, do those things the opposite way around so you can cool off in the water, the hike uphill is a little steep!

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve

Second on my list of must do walking trails around Perth, is Ellis Brook Valley Reserve. Again, just a short drive from the city and you’re out in the bush. There are actually multiple trail options here. Personally, I like the ‘Sixty-foot Falls’ route. Similarly to Lesmurdie Falls, this one takes you uphill to the top of a waterfall and some incredible panoramic views.

Sitting at the quarry in Ellis Brook Valley

Even better though, the ‘Sixty-foot Falls’ route at Ellis Brook Valley takes you directly alongside a stunning quarry, where a deeply green pool contrasts against the solid orange rock. Technically the quarry area is off limits, but if you’re feeling rebellious there are holes in the wire fencing which make it accessible from multiple places. You’re probably sensing a theme here; it’s safe to say I love water spots!

John Forrest National Park

Lastly on my to-do list for winter walks in Perth, is the John Forrest National Park. This place is massive! It’s full of different options for walkers, but the most interesting is the Railway Reserve Heritage Trail. As the name suggests, this walk takes you on the same route as the old railway track that once ferried passengers from the city out into the countryside. Though the tracks are no longer there, a long tunnel has been preserved and makes for a brilliantly spooky journey in almost complete darkness.

Staring into the tunnel at John Forrest National Park

Not only do you get a few hours outdoors in the sunshine, you also learn a little history and get a taste of how things used to be by viewing numerous photographs of the old station, once filled with people in top hats and ankle-length skirts.

Actually, Perth has a whole bunch of additional places to take a winter stroll, most obvious is one of the many beaches. There’s also through the botanical gardens at Kings Park, circling the Swan River in the city, alongside the promenade at North Beach, and through the rows of symmetrical trees at Raeburn Orchards, which is so beautiful when it’s Persimmon season.

Plus, the above only takes into account the Perth metro area! Start heading down south or up north in West Australia and you’ll find plenty more. It’s just one of the reasons I believe Western Australia easily rivals the East Coast! Don’t believe me? Read my full list of reasons here.

Are you ready to hop on a plane to enjoy winter in Perth? Let me know what kind of things you’re interested in seeing/doing below and I’ll get back to you with tips and recommendations. If you liked this post, please share it with friends!

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