Fancy Bathing Inside A Volcano? Go To Colombia!

Cartagena streets and buildings

Streets of Colombia

If somebody offered you the chance to bathe in the crater of a volcano, would you take it?

Considering volcano craters are usually bubbling with searing hot lava, I imagine not, but I’ve been standing in line to do exactly that for the past twenty minutes.

Pinterest Graphic Colombia Alleyway

The queue ahead of me is made up of tourists to Colombia. We line an ascending wooden staircase with wobbly handrails, and the crowd chatters animatedly while waiting to experience one of the country’s most novel activities.

As the peak of the ‘El Totumo Volcano’ moves closer, those at the front of the line disappear one-by-one, dropping into the hole at its core. I chat with a group of backpackers I met on the bus journey out from Cartagena. All of us hop from foot to foot as the sun-exposed steps scald our bare feet.

As my turn approaches, I make it onto the small, square platform at the volcano peak, and I’m rewarded with gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding Santa Catalina countryside. From my new position I can see directly into the volcano crater – it’s a bizarre sight!

Swimwear-clad bodies wade in the small pit, which is filled with dark, slick, gurgling… mud. That’s right, at the heart of this unique volcano is a natural, and supposedly healing, mud bath.

I take the hand of an attendant as I lower myself onto the entry ladder, my feet slipping slightly on mud residue. Giggles and the odd squeal come from the tourists already inside the spa, and as I submerge my body into the surprisingly cold basin, I understand why.

Bathing in the El Totumo Volcano

Inside the El Totumo Volcano – a healing mud bath

The sensation is completely surreal. The mud feels dense but also buoyant, and it takes a lot of self-control to resist the instinct to swim when I find I can’t touch the floor. I make an awkward attempt to move closer to scaffolding that holds up the edges of the makeshift spa. As I navigate sideways though, the force of the mud tips me off balance and I find myself floating on my back, staring up at the curious faces of those next in line.

“Need a hand?” a girl next to me offers. She pushes my legs downwards before I can respond, tipping my body upright. My own giggles join the hum of the dozen or so other bathers, erupting loudly each time a new person plunges into the mass and upsets the balance for everybody. We have to work as a team to remain upright, conscious that every movement we make could affect the person next to us. Who knew a mud bath could be so unifying.

Mud Volcano Bathing With Backpacker Friends

Holding on to backpacker friends to stay stable!

Eventually, I make my way to the exit ladder, bouncing from person to person like a pinball. It takes all my upper body strength to haul myself upwards, raining mud onto those below.

There’s an awkward ceremony before I can tackle the staircase leading down from the volcano summit, in which an attendant uses his bare hands to wipe me down. He squeezes from my thighs down to my ankles as though he were icing a mud cake. Despite the man’s help, it’s going to take a lot more to remove the mud from… well, everywhere.

Directed by a couple of local vendors, I follow a footpath from the volcano to a nearby lake to wash off properly. As I dunk my head into the fresh water and scrub at my hair, a huge splash of liquid flies into my face.

The culprit, a smiling Colombian lady, stands in front of me, an empty bucket in her hands. She’s come to help. Before I can politely object, her hands are in my hair, pulling aside my bikini top, and circling inside my earholes. Realising she’s intent on doing a very thorough job, I resign myself to sitting in the shallow pool and marvelling at another day of momentous travel in Colombia. It’s one that will top the ‘most memorable’ list, that’s for sure!

What’s the weirdest activity you’ve ever done whilst travelling? Have you been to the El Totumo Volcano too? Let me know about it in the comments below! If you enjoyed this story consider signing up to receive more as they go live 😊

22 Comments on “Fancy Bathing Inside A Volcano? Go To Colombia!

  1. That is honestly the weirdest thing ever! But what an experience! I would 100% do it.

  2. This sounds so funky and different…and I would totally do it! I haven’t been to Columbia but we’ve really been contemplating a trip!

  3. This looks amazing – surreal but amazing! I really want to go to Colombia so hopefully I can do this when I make it there!

  4. I love this and I’m so glad its still there! I went back in 2007 and it looks like nothing has changed!

  5. Thats super amazing! I have always wanted to go to Colombia and this post makes me want to go even more, its such a bucket list opportunity!

  6. This is the first time I’ve heard of a mud bath inside a volcano. I’m only aware of a type of spa where they bury you in hot volcanic ash sand. 🙂 It looks so fun! I’ll make sure to do this when we visit Colombia.

  7. Your experience sounds so quirky. I’ve never had a mud bath and this may well be the place to start. P.S. The photograph of the yellow houses looks so much like some of the streets in Goa. It’s uncanny!

  8. This sounds awesome and I’d say I’d do it in a heartbeat! Weirdest thing I’ve done? Hmmm… maybe have a woman scrub me and my sister down in a room in Morocco, they call this a Hammam! Was strange but Awesome! Completely naked and this lady bathed us!

  9. Mud baths are one of those things that I’ve always wanted to try, but never made a priority! This looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

  10. OMG this is so cool! Definitely adding this experience to my South America bucket list <3

  11. This seriously sounds amazing, and also incredibly unique! I’ve never heard of taking a mud bath before, especially not in a volcano, but your descriptions are so vivid. I’d love to experience it for myself! What a fun time to share with others around you. 🙂 Including getting rubbed down and mothered by a couple locals. I really love that touch of culture there, where being in your personal space doesn’t seem so weird for them. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Yes! I think there’s something wrong with me that my ears perk up at Bathe+Volcano and the answer is an immediate yes… lol

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