The Perfect Jewellery Gift For Girls Who Love Travel

The Perfect Gift For Girls Who Travel

She may be your best friend, girlfriend, daughter, wife, or even your travel-addicted mum. Whoever she is, if she spends more time out of the country than in it, I’m willing to bet she’s a bit of a pain in the ass to buy presents for. Finding the perfect gift for girls who love travel is notoriously difficult.

I know this because I am that girl to my family and friends.

Each year, when my birthday or Christmas rolls around, one of my friends will express how frustrating it is to shop for somebody who lives out of a backpack, stating, “you’re so hard to buy for!” or “I never know what to buy because you move around so much”.

I’m pretty sure I speak for most female travellers when I say that any gift received is always gratefully appreciated. If it happens to be too big or heavy to take on an upcoming trip, well, there’s always room in my parent’s garage to store it on the off-chance that one day I might consider stopping in one place long enough to own a house (right, Dad?).

For the record, easy examples of these types of gifts include hardback books, thick jumpers or coats, actual board games, and large pillows with “THIS GIRL IS TAKEN” plastered across in bold letters.

Exceptions to the weight rule are cameras and drones – if you want to buy her either of those you’re probably on to a winner!

What if you want something a little more affordable though? What if you want to gift your girl with something meaningful that she won’t need to store away, or only use as a functional travel gadget?

The perfect gift for girls who love travel

The Perfect Gift For Girls Who Travel

As a basic guideline, the perfect gift for a female traveller needs to be light enough that it won’t add unnecessary strain to her already hunched shoulders as she traipses between hostels. It should also be small enough that she can choose to pack it away if need be.

So the question is, what can you buy the girl who travels non-stop that fits this description, but still causes her to think fondly of you every time she looks at it?

The obvious choice is a gorgeous piece of jewellery.


As female travellers will tell you, displaying valuable jewellery whilst on the road in foreign countries is never a good idea. It can make you a target for pickpockets and muggers. It’s also super impractical for any travelling girl who seeks outdoor and adrenaline adventures. There’s no point splashing out hundreds of pounds on a Pandora bracelet or a Tiffany diamond ring that she won’t be able to wear half the time.

Enter, the El Camino bracelet.

The bracelet any female traveller can wear around the world

exploring at sarakiniko on milos

Three years ago, on the morning of my twenty-sixth birthday, I awoke to my boyfriend piling a bundle of brightly wrapped presents onto our bed. It was just three months before our backpacking adventure was to begin (again), so amongst the welcome comforts of slipper socks and a well-chosen handbag, Dave had included a piece of jewellery that I’d had my eye on for a few months; an El Camino bracelet.

Available on the official El Camino Bracelets website, this piece of wrist wear allows travellers to lovingly collect the places they’ve visited over the years in the form of silver, hand polished, surgical grade stainless steel charms.

Black El Camino bracelet

France step for El Camino bracelet gift for girls who travel

Image courtesy of El Camino Bracelets

First, choose the colour of the bracelet from the options of black, turquoise, forest green, purple, steel blue, and chestnut brown. Then, after selecting the right size, begin adding stylish, circular charms, called ‘Steps’, to your order.

All silver ‘Steps’ come engraved with a country or city, but you can also choose to customise a ‘Step’ with a landmark or special destination of your choice.

Also available are ‘Region Steps’; semi-translucent charms that come in twelve different colours, representing some of the world’s most popular regions.

Three years on, I still value my El Camino bracelet as the best travel gift I’ve ever received (well done, Dave). Here’s why:

  • It’s simple and tasteful
  • Using charms to record my adventures is great fun
  • The quality is brilliant, meaning the charms don’t dull or rust
  • It’s a talking point when meeting new people who ask to see it
  • It can be worn in water with no issues (including water sports)
  • The product was created by two like-minded travellers
  • It’s inexpensive and can be worn anywhere, anytime

As the El Camino Bracelets website tells you, “Everyone’s El Camino bracelet is unique. It’s a representation of the path you’ve travelled around the world. A glimpse at your wrist can tell 1000 stories…”

I’ve yet to come across a jewellery gift with such sentimental value teamed with a genuinely durable and attractive product. If you’re leaning towards buying the girl on your mind a jewellery gift, it’s my honest recommendation. You can thank me later 😉

What’s the best travel gift you’ve ever received? Let me know in the comments below and help a girl out by sharing this post online!

The Perfect Jewellery Gift For Girls Who Love Travel

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by El Camino Bracelets, meaning I received a complimentary product in exchange for publishing. However, all statements and views are completely my own and genuinely echo my true opinion.

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