Dreaming of travelling around Australia someday? This is the right place to be! Having toured the beautiful country by campervan for three months, and living in Perth for 1.5 years, I have a lot of love and info to share with you. Read on for Australia travel tips and guides.

Atherton Tablelands Itinerary: Australia’s Waterfall Haven

It’s possible the green of Queensland’s plant-covered landscape has put me in a trance, I’m so happy to see it. After weeks of driving through the flat outback, where trees beg for the approaching wet season to relieve them from the crushingly hot dry air, I’d almost...

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My Big Australia Road Trip: The 2-Minute Highlights Video

These video clips have me wanting to jump for joy and curl up and cry all at the same time. On the one hand, watching, editing and sharing the footage of my great Australia road trip is so bloody exciting because it transports me back to the pure freedom of van life...

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Realities Of Van Living: 4 Weeks Worth Of Fails & Successes

  This is the fourth in a series of posts detailing my experiences of van living, whilst I travel Australia. Each week (although this post comes three weeks late!), I publish a post with the previous week’s failures and successes. I’ve committed to this diary for my...

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The Walk To Australia’s Tallest Waterfall: Wallaman Falls

‘CAUTION’ the sign at the entrance to the Wallaman Falls hiking trail warns, ‘people have died as a result of heart attack or heat exhaustion’. It’s not the kind of information I like to hear before descending 300 metres through thick forest in the Wet Tropics of...

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Van Life Diaries: Week 3 Fails & Successes

This is the third in a weekly series of van life diaries sharing the real experiences of touring Australia in a camper. Each week, I publish a post with the previous week’s failures and successes. I’ve committed to this diary for my entire four-month tour of the...

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Realities Of Van Life: Week 2 Fails & Successes

  This blog post is the second in a weekly series sharing real experiences of van life, as I travel Australia in my camper, Roma. Each week, I publish a post with the previous week’s failures and successes (you can read about week one here). I’ve committed to this van...

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Realities Of Living In A Van: Week 1 Fails & Successes

This blog post is the first in a weekly series sharing the experiences of a real #vanlifer and the realities of living in a van. Each week, I will be publishing a post on the previous week’s failures and successes. I’ll do this for my entire four-month tour of...

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Budget Campervan Conversion: How To Choose The Right Van

  This post is the second in a series of how-to style pieces about doing a budget campervan conversion. You can read the first one here, and sign up for when the next goes live. Travelling by road is absolutely the best way to experience the diversity of a country and...

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DIY Campervan Conversion: Before & After Photos

  To independently road trip a country guarantees you a perspective that just isn't possible by travelling on public transport. For years now, my bucket list has contained the item 'drive a campervan around Australia'. The dream has always been to do it as cheaply as...

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The Mega Photo Guide To Backpacking Western Australia

  Backpacker itineraries for Australia are usually filled with the most iconic destinations and landmarks; New South Wales' Sydney Opera House, Queensland's Great Barrier Reef, Victoria's Great Ocean Road. In fact, all of the experiences I was recommended as a...

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Ultimate Walks & Waterfalls: Winter In Perth Series

  The beauty of spending an Australian winter in Perth is the amount of sunshine and clear skies you’ll get. It may not be the scorching temperatures of the summer months, but if you’ve ever been exposed to that heat you’ll know that achieving any kind of outdoor...

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Escape To Raeburn Orchards: Winter In Perth

  The dream of travel in Australia is intrinsically linked with guaranteed warm temperatures, allowing for endless days spent lounging on beaches, surfing waves, joining sailing trips, and night after night of the infamous Aussie barbecue. It's no surprise then, that...

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Pink Lake, Kalbarri: How To Find The Pinkest Part

If you've seen pictures of Hutt Lagoon, the pink lake near Kalbarri and Port Gregory, you've probably wondered, is it really that pink? Well, the answer is yes, but only if you know which part to visit, and the best times to do so. When driving between Perth and...

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2016: The Year I Became An Australian Resident

On New Year's Eve 2015 I reflected on my decision to quit my job and travel the world. I was incredibly thankful for the nomadic lifestyle I chose to live and had no 'return home' date in sight. As 2016 comes to a close, it's been another year of new countries, new...

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Red Hill Quarry, Perth: How To Reach The Best Hidden Part

Note: Since launching this post I have learned that Red Hill Quarry is private property, and authorities are cracking down on trespassers. Please be aware that if you are caught on the site, you can be prosecuted. Also be aware that another pool exists here that is...

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7 Reasons Western Australia Easily Rivals The East Coast

Western Australia is massively underrated. Often, backpackers coming from overseas sacrifice a visit to WA in place of the trendy East Coast hotspots of Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast. Of course, it's easy to understand why that happens. Reaching the state from...

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Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake


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