Inspiration, Advice, and Real Travel Stories

As silly as it seems, planning and embarking on a dream tour of the world can actually be quite overwhelming. No, really – hear me out!

For many, the concept of travelling results in staring vacantly out of a window, picturing idyllic beaches and clear blue seas belonging to exotic foreign lands, or clambering around ruins and world wonders. This image is completed with the vision that one day you’ll simply take-off and find yourself in these incredible places, in a state of complete awe and contentment.

Now, that image can one hundred percent become real if you really want it to, but in reality it often comes after months of making decisions, budgeting, selling belongings, quitting jobs, selling cars and houses, and bidding farewell to much-loved family. It also comes at the sacrifice of a private bedroom, hot showers, home-cooked meals, long uncomfortable flights and multiple insect bites.

For us ladies though, there are additional thoughts that cross our minds, such as:

  • Is it OK to be a female traveller?
  • Should I book onto a group tour so I’m not flying solo?
  • Which countries are safest for women?
  • How do I meet people I can trust?
  • Are there any self-defence or safety gadgets I should know about?
  • What clothing is appropriate in certain countries?

You’ll notice that most of the above revolve around safety and please do not think for one second that I believe all women to feel this vulnerable. However, I can certainly admit that on my first trip, the fact that my friend and I were young females in potentially very dangerous countries was not overlooked lightly.


At the time the photo above was taken, any advice I could gain on ensuring we lived every moment to the best of our ability, without finding ourselves in any kind of trouble was hugely valuable. This is me simply giving advice back to the female travel population.

So, I have put together a handful of  female-centred travel blogs and will be adding many more over the coming months as I continue adventuring through country after country. You can browse the posts by the categories below:

Why travel? – all the reasons you need to take-off on a long-term trip

Planning your trip – budgeting, route-planning, packing and equipment

While you’re away – accommodation reviews, transport, cheap travel tips

Follow my journey – hear where I’ve been and where I’m headed next