For many who have not travelled on a long-term basis, backpacking around the world appears to be one long holiday. Just take a look at a traveller’s Instagram account and you’ll be greeted with idyllic images of sunsets, beaches, palm trees, world wonders, and mandatory ‘look where I am’ selfies. Granted, in many ways, world travel is one continuous holiday. However, what’s less clear to see on an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feed,… Read More

If you read the bios of other travel bloggers out there, you’ll find most have one thing in common; they are people that gave up everything to travel the world and lead a nomadic life. I am fairly new to this club, and in fact I plan to arrive in Australia towards the middle of 2016 to work and live, so maybe I’m not 100% committed just yet. If 2015 has taught… Read More

When I was a girl my Dad used to tell me to do two things in life; go to university and travel the world. Naturally, the fact my Dad told me to want these things for myself meant I wanted to do neither. It wasn’t until I was sixteen and about to go to college that I warmed to the idea of university and aged nineteen I moved away to study. It… Read More