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Campervan From Above In Australia

No matter how idyllic the social media photos might seem, van life comes with a lot of challenges. This is especially true when travelling a country with the inescapable heat and high expense of Australia. Before I began my current four-month tour of the country, starting in Perth and due to end in Adelaide, I had no idea of the number of campervan tips and hacks I would need to be successful… Read More

The Greek island of Santorini is the opposite of a hidden gem destination. Its pristine white buildings, set against a backdrop of turquoise sea, circulate social media daily. Most of the accommodation featured in these videos and photos include private villas complete with pools, but let’s face it, for those of us backpacking the Greek islands, these types of lodgings just aren’t realistic. Without the luxury hotel experience then, and knowing how… Read More

Campervan Conversion - Interior of Van

This post is the second in a series of how-to style pieces about doing a budget campervan conversion. You can read the first one here, and sign up for when the next goes live. Travelling by road is absolutely the best way to experience the diversity of a country and see beyond the tourist hotspots. Whether it’s by bicycle, motorcycle, public transport, or using your own car or campervan, the hours spent… Read More

Thailand Swing Koh Lanta

If you read the mainstream newspapers, you may have seen one of many recent articles concerning the safety of Thailand for travellers, and proposing to offer Thailand travel advice. In most of these articles, incidents of scams, muggings, unprovoked attacks, terrorist bombings, and even deaths are listed. If you’ve never been to the beautiful country of Thailand and you read one of these fear-inducing articles, I wouldn’t blame you for being put… Read More

The quarry at Ellis Brook Valley

The beauty of spending an Australian winter in Perth is the amount of sunshine and clear skies you’ll get. It may not be the scorching temperatures of the summer months, but if you’ve ever been exposed to that heat you’ll know that achieving any kind of outdoor activity (besides beach lounging and swimming) is near on impossible! From June to August though, the days are filled with the perfect warmth for outdoor… Read More

If Cambodia is crowned as the most epic country I’ve visited so far, then Battambang is the jewel in that crown. Located just south of popular backpacker and holidaymaker destination Siem Reap, it’s a city overlooked in many itineraries, especially by those with time constraints. In my opinion, though, Battambang deserves your attention for its authentic experiences, delicious cuisine, and comfortable yet budget travel-friendly accommodation.

Scared of Flying Flight View

I recently worked out that I’ve taken sixty-eight plane journeys in my lifetime. Sixty-eight! That is a serious amount of hours spent trapped in a capsule in the sky. You’d think this level of experience on planes would mean I’m completely at ease in the air, when actually, I remain terrified of flying. Yep, you read that right, I have a fear of flying.

For an island so small you can cycle the entire thing in one hour, Gili Trawangan has a huge reputation. It’s known as one of South East Asia’s best party destinations for backpackers. Recommended to me by numerous travelling friends, I had to include the infamous ‘Gili T’ in my plans for Indonesia, despite the fact that I’m a grandma when it comes to partying these days.

Tegalalang rice paddies ubud

A breakdown of how to spend 2 days in Ubud, day by day and including my most recommended attractions and sights. The noticeable beauty of Ubud is the sprouting of greenery from every crevice. Even in the built-up town centre, long green stems spring from gaps in the pavement. They wave from terracotta rooftop tiles and take over cracks that line the walls of time-resilient buildings. Far from giving the place a… Read More

hutt lagoon west australia

If you’ve seen pictures of Hutt Lagoon, the pink lake near Kalbarri and Port Gregory, you’ve probably wondered, is it really that pink? Well, the answer is yes, but only if you know which part to visit, and the best times to do so. When driving between Perth and Kalbarri, the route along George Grey Drive will actually take you directly alongside Hutt Lagoon, protected by a long line of trees rooted… Read More